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Gary Steven Findley & Associates

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Gary Steven Findley & Associates provides not only legal analysis and representation but also incorporates financial consulting into its practice in order to provide financial clients a different perspective in an ever changing banking environment. We believe institutions in this complex world of legal and regulatory initiatives must receive the best in legal representation tempered with a specialized and knowledgeable understanding of the business of banking.

Gary Steven Findley & Associates provides a level of risk management and regulatory concurrence to legal processes that is not readily available from other law firms. Gary Steven Findley & Associates provides ongoing direction and support to the directors and management of independent banking institutions. The firm specializes in dealing with corporate organization and regulatory intervention, mergers and acquisitions, securities offerings and filings, regulatory filings and intervention, expansion of new products and services and compensation program development. Gary Steven Findley & Associates provides legal guidance tempered with business banking knowledge to help institutions achieve "Premier Performance."

Findley Reports


Since 1967, The Findley Reports has been the foundation of the Findley Companies, providing valuable and accurate financial information to assist directors and managements in meeting the challenges and complexities of bank operations. The Findley Reports provides the banking industry with performance benchmarking through its annual designations of "Super Premier Performing," "Premier Performing," and "Commendable Performing" classifications.

These designations have become highly regarded and recipients are recognized throughout the Western United States as financial institutions achieving exceptional performance.

The Findley Reports publishes the most comprehensive financial institution analysis materials offering comparison, performance and evaluation of California's banking industry. The Findley Reports also offers directors and managements specialized reports to determine individual bank performance.

The Findley Reports also publishes a monthly newsletter on the banking industry, analyzing new trends in banking, evalutating merger and acquisition transactions, providing educational materials for directors and writing on professional topic for managements of financial institutions.

The Findley Group

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The Findley Group is recognized as a consulting leader in strategic planning, business planning, business valuation and professional development. The Findley Group operates on various functioning levels: broad-based financial consulting, strategic and capital development, facilitation of director and management planning retreats, management coaching, strategic alliance consulting, and creation of business plans that meet the needs of small businesses, nonprofit organizations, community-based public entities and financial institutions. 
The Findley Group's core competence is in establishing a strategic culture within organizations.  You cannot rely on what has been done in the past to know how to survive and thrive in the future.  Taking a new business approach to an existing way of doing business to achieve strategic objectives is a complex undertaking. The Findley Group understands the business of assessing every aspect of operations, every asset, every relationship, every program to determine capacity of an organization and through various methods provides clients with action plans for attaining successful performance results.
The Findley Group does more than analyze an organization’s needs.  The Findley Group works with clients to establish thoughtful, informed, researched plans through a process that is transformational and time-tested in meeting long-term strategic goals so that the organization thrives into the future.

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