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Professional Corner on Human Capital Banking


Human Capital Banking offers customized consulting services to help your bank improve strategic planning, strengthen organizational health and align employees to a common vision.  With over 60 years of community banking experience, Human Capital Banking can be your most trusted guide and vital resource to maximizing your bank’s human capital and achieving exceptional performance throughout your organization.  

Human Capital - The Key to Exceptional Performance


Banking is a people business.  Your bank’s people are your most important capital component.  If your goal is to improve long-term performance and shareholder value, you must focus on the critical components of human capital.  Banks need to be exceptional to thrive and achieve long-term success.  Exceptional performance requires that your people have a clear understanding of the bank’s goals and how their jobs and performance are linked to that success.  Your bank can only be exceptional if your human capital knows what they are doing, are aligned with your vision and are enthusiastic partners in achieving your goals.


Human Capital Banking will help you unlock and maximize the true potential of your human capital, and your bank. We will help you align your people toward the bank’s vision of success, connect your people’s daily performance to the bank’s strategy, and build a culture of empowerment. 


♦ Your Mission

♦ Your Vision

♦ Long-Term Goals & Strategies 


♦ Core Value Assessment

♦ Values to Performance Matrix

♦ Leadership Team Talent Review

♦ Organizational Talent Review


♦ Behavioral Interview Guides

♦ Installing Recruitment Process


♦ Performance Management Tool

♦ Installing Performance Management Process


♦ Recognition Best Practices Guide

♦ How to Build a Recognition Program Guide

♦ Reviewing Recognition with Leadership Team

♦ Building Recognition Program with CEO


♦ Leadership Development Guides

♦ Employee Development Guides

♦ Development Dialogue Tool

♦ Development Prep with CEO

♦ Development Prep with Leadership Team

♦ Development Assessment with Leadership Team

Professional Corner - Cary Bailey-Findley


Cary Bailey-Findley has spent the past decade building the Human Capital within three Fortune 500 companies and was awarded the ranking of #1 development organization in the world by the Association of Talent Development.  He is currently building the employee development portfolio for Unity Technologies.  He holds a Master's degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a Master's degree in Business Administration.  You can follow his weekly blog at or follow him on Twitter

You can also read articles written by Cary Bailey-Findley from our most recent Findley Reports Banking Newsletters below.

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Anaheim Office:

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