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Areas of Expertise

Gary Steven Findley & Associates specializes in representing independent financial institutions operating in the Western United States. The firm represents over 50 independent financial institutions (the largest independent financial clientele of any law firm in California).

The backgrounds of the attorneys in the firm enable Gary Steven Findley & Associates to provide not only legal analysis and representation, but also financial consulting. The attorneys are well-known by the various regulatory agencies, and among their many strengths is their capabilities of interfacing with the regulatory agencies and in assisting in lessening banks' regulatory burden while keeping costs in check for the financial institution. This multi-dimensional capacity provides greater resources to its financial clientele and a different perspective in an ever changing environment.

The firm's main areas of expertise are as follows:


  • Corporate Representation

  • Regulatory Filings

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Expansion of New Products And Services

  • Economic Analysis and Compensation Program Development

  • Failed Financial Institution Acquisitions

  • Branch Purchase and Assumption

  • Change in Control Applications

  • Securities Offerings and Filings

  • Contracts and Negotiations

  • Compliance


Discussing the Numbers

Gary Steven Findley & Associates places emphasis upon:

  • Constant review and keeping corporate documents up to date to reflect current law in areas such as indemnification of directors and officers.

  • Assistance in preparation of proxy materials and annual meeting agendas.

  • Guidance regarding salary continuation agreements and severance agreements.

Referral Network

Because of the firm's specialization, it does not handle litigation, but has excellent relationships with bank litigation firms should there be a necessity to engage litigation counsel. In addition, the firm has excellent working relationships with various companies that provide a network on:


  • Loan Review

  • Labor/Employment Matters

  • Tax Matters

  • Real Estate Loan/Purchases

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