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    Supporting Premier Performance To The Financial Industry for over 40 Years

Since 1965, The Findley Companies have been committed to supporting "Premier Performance" for California financial institutions.

The Findley Companies are composed of three separate, but highly integrated, service areas: The Findley Reports, The Findley Group, and Gary Steven Findley & Associates, which respectively provide performance reporting and analysis, financial management consulting, legal representation and financial institution ratings.

The Findley Companies have earned recognition as being knowledgeable, innovative and effective in implementing solutions to complex situations. Through our organizational components we are committed to offer directors, managements and shareholders
profound support in their decision making processes.

Our main objective is to anticipate the needs of banks in the Western United States and help them aggressively pursue their goals. With our extensive history of working with regulatory agencies at all levels, the integrity of our principals and our decades of experience, The Findley Companies remain the resource of choice for financial institutions intent on pursuing "Premier Performance."   


    Human Capital Banking

    Human Capital Banking helps ensure that you hire people that can enhance
    your bank's human capital and help you realize your vision.

    Improving strategic planning, strengthening organizational health and aligning employees to a common vision isn't new. But offering timely, customized consulting services that span your entire operational spectrum is. With over 60 years of community banking expertise, Human Capital Banking can be your most trusted guide and vital resource to achieving exceptional performance throughout your organization.

    Please click the link below for the Human Capital Banking Website:



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