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    Overview of Capabilities

    Attaining "Premier Performance"... The Findley Group works with directors, chief executive officers, and regulatory agencies, taking an active consultative management role that swiftly brings to bear not only the skills of our principals, but also our experience.

    We recognize that creating a sense of urgency and time are the two most overlooked elements throughout all levels of the banking industry, when trying to attain a solution within your organization. The sooner financial and operational issues are identified, the more quickly solutions can be executed, increasing your success. Engagements with The Findley Group are designed to achieve increased performance immediately throughout all the phases of our work processes. Increasing shareholder return is our primary objective.

    By capitalizing on our extensive knowledge of banking, regulatory compliance and financial modeling, The Findley Group has become a recognized leader in strategic and capital planning for financial institutions. Our services encompass a variety of capabilities focusing on organizational strategy, expansion and financial performance for institutions seeking to expand their franchise and enhance shareholder return.

    What we do at The Findley Group

    The Findley Group goes beyond making recommendations and proposing solutions ­­ we take an active role in executing action plans, improving profitability, bolstering financial stability and revitalizing our clients' competitive position in order to achieve "Premier Performance." The Findley Group operates on several basic functioning levels:

      Investment Banking
      Financial Consulting
      Board and Management Workshops
      Board, Management, and Regulatory Intervention
      Identification and Implementation of Strategic Initiatives
      Enhancement of Shareholder Wealth

    The Findley Group's core competence is in identifying strategies that work for your institution. The Findley Group concentrates on the "Basics of Banking" that will achieve "Premier Performance."

    The Findley Group works directly with the board of directors and chief executive officer to identify and resolve issues relating to your financial institution, particularly in the areas of:

      Strategic Planning
      Business Planning
      Regulatory Corrective Action Planning
      Bank Earnings Analysis
      Capital Planning
      Investment Banking
      Stock Valuation
      Mergers and Acquisitions

    Strategic Planning

    The Findley Group is available to work with you in preparing for the coming years. The extensive experience contributed by the team effort of The Findley Companies enhances The Findley Group's ability to assist with the preparation and implementation of a comprehensive Strategic Plan which is able to provide guidance to your institution through today's uncertain banking environment. A Strategic Plan in concert with The Findley Group addresses:

      Goal Setting
      Defining Corporate Capacity
      Organizational Effectiveness
      Individual Accountability and Responsibility
      Business Plan Development

    Regulatory Corrective Action Planning

    Non-compliance can be extremely costly. The cost of non-compliance can include possible penalties as well as potentially lower CAMEL ratings. The Findley Group can help you maximize your compliance position while minimizing the cost incurred to achieve the desired regulatory benchmark. Furthermore, a bank entering into regulatory enforcement action needs to move quickly. Our regulatory action plan uses proven methodology to quickly remove operating imperatives.

    Bank Earnings Analysis

    In order for an organization to survive and profit, both its internal structure and operational systems must function together. The Findley Group provides a Profitability Analysis as a service, allowing us to evaluate your institution's organizational effectiveness and assess your organizational structure's earnings potential.

    Capital Planning

    The Findley Group can help your bank identify and develop the strategies necessary to increase shareholder return and effectively determine your financial capacities. Our Capital Planning Strategies will address:

      Future (ROE) Earning Projections
      Capital Plan Positioning
      Regulatory Compliance
      Recapitalization Scenario's

    Stock Valuation

    The Findley Group provides complete merger and acquisition services for all the financial institutions in California and the Western Region of the United States. We provide extensive valuation services which include:

      Fairness Opinions
      ESOP Valuations

    Mergers and Acquisitions

    The proper structuring of merger and acquisition transactions can make it easier for the financial objectives of your bank to be achieved. We provide effective assistance to structure merger terms to achieve your institution's merger and acquisition objectives. The Findley Group is qualified to evaluate the financial viability of potential business combinations under various economic, regulatory and operating environments. We prepare business plans for regulatory and internal purposes to reflect the post-merger operations and synergies.

    The Findley Group works together with the board of directors and management team of the institutions involved to accomplish long-term goals. The Findley Group will be involved throughout the entire transaction process, ensuring that we meet our client's strategic plans.


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