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    The Findley Reports publishes the highly recognized The Findley Reports Newsletter, a monthly publication providing essential banking transactions and regulatory updates in an editorial format that is concise and understandable. The newsletter is available in an electronic e-mail version (PDF file).

    The newsletter includes:

    Editorial Discussion

    Focuses on current topics involving banking institutions and the
    regulatory environment.

    Professional Corner

    Focuses on topics such as strategic and capital planning, new product development, performance systems, compliance, regulation and reference to many other issues that influence or impact the banking industry.

    Read articles from this year's Professional Corner contributor Cary Bailey-Findley.

    Legal Brief

    Written by Gary Steven Findley & Associates, the law firm arm of The Findley Companies. This section focuses on issues such as regulatory issues, bank structures, board liability issues, compliance, securities and mergers/acquisitions.

    Directors' Compass

    Deals with ongoing topics that are of specific interest to directors of financial institutions in meeting fiduciary responsibilities.

    Stay informed by reading the most current Directors' Compass article.

    Mergers & Acquisitions

    An analysis of each commercial bank merger/acquisition and up-to-date status reports on recently announced transactions.

    New Bank Update

    New Bank Openings in the current month; Banks in Organization currently; and Bank Applications Filed. Information includes address, contact person and phone number.

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